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The Trade Register in Hong Kong

The Trade Register in Hong Kong

The Companies Registry

The Trade Register in Hong Kong is the Companies Registry (or simply, “the Registry”). This institution deals with the registration and administration of all companies in Hong Kong, whether local or non-local legal entities.

The main legislative document that regulates company administration in Hong Kong is the Companies Ordinance. The Registry observes and enforced the provisions of included by this legislative document. Investors who want to register a company in Hong Kong need to observe the current legal framework.

The team of experts at our law firm in Hong Kong can help you register and operate the company as per the instructions of the Register and other laws.

Services offered by the Companies Registry in Hong Kong

The Companies Registry handles matters concerning company incorporation and registration in Hong Kong, including:

– local limited liability company incorporation;

– non-Hong Kong company registration: branches in Hong Kong;

– company name change;

– corporate name alteration for non-Kong Kong companies;

– various documents registration: annual returns, filling requirements, etc;

– company information search: a public service designed to facilitate access to public information about companies registered in Hong Kong;

– de-registration of an winded up company.

The Registry also offers electronic services through its e-Registry portal. Electronic search or mobile company search are available as well as electronic document submissions. 

Business registration in Hong Kong

The Business Registration Ordinance in Hong Kong provides for a mandatory registration of any individual/company that carries a business in the city to apply for registration within one month from the date the economic activities are commenced. A valid Business Registration Certificate must be displayed/available at the registered office or place of business.

The business registration does not replace any additional license or permits required to trade in Hong Kong. Our lawyers in Hong Kong can give you additional information about how to apply for these permits and what types of companies require them.

For more information about company incorporation and registration, you can contact our law firm in Hong Kong. Our attorneys will be able to assist you in any legal matter, whether related to corporate business or civil and family law.