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Intellectual Property Valuation in Hong Kong

Intellectual Property Valuation in Hong Kong

Companies or individuals who base their activities on intangible assets can conduct an intellectual property valuation in Hong Kong. These types of assets include copyrights, trademarks, patents, software and others. 

Companies in Hong Kong are entitled to protect their intellectual property assets. This step is important for any developing corporation as these assets may represent valuable items as the company expands.

The experts at our law firm in Hong Kong work with all types of companies and can give you the needed information about registering a trademark, applying for a patent or any issues concerning copyrights. 

The value of intellectual property

Companies in Hong Kong all use intellectual property (IP) to some degree. Depending on the business field and company specifics, some corporations will also rely heavily on trade secrets or know-how. Intangible assets that qualify as intellectual property include:




– publicity rights;

– proprietary technology: trade secrets and know-how.

Proprietary technology, sometimes referred to as unpatented technology, is of a more sensitive nature as it can contain information that is significant and relevant to a business. Increasing protection for this type of information is demanded by many companies in Hong Kong. Corporations may protect information related to management or accounting strategies, formulas, training programs and many others. One of our Hong Kong lawyers can tell you how you can protect this valuable intellectual property. 

IP valuation methods in Hong Kong

An IP law specialist who works with a law firm in Hong Kong can walk you through the main methodologies used for evaluating assets that are qualified under intellectual property. These three methods include:

– the cost method: an assessment of the costs associated with the reproduction or the replacement of the assets;

– the income method: the assets are evaluated based on the estimated profits/future benefits that will be produced using the assets;

– the market method: a valuation based on comparing the assets with similar ones present in the active marketplace.

The three methods offer different approaches and all can be applied whenever intellectual property assets need to be evaluated. Companies in Hong Kong can request the help of an IP valuation expert who has conducted the evaluation process before and knows from experience which parameters and indexes are useful for determining the value of an asset in a particular business field.

The valuation process is important in order to provide an educated result as per the value of a certain IP asset. However, the final value of that asset is ultimately decided by the market.

Hong Kong companies that require IP valuation services can talk to an Intellectual Property law expert. You can contact our Hong Kong law firm for more information about various legal issues related to intellectual property or trademarks.