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Taxes for Offshore Companies in Hong Kong

Taxes for Offshore Companies in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a recognized financial and business center in Asia. The taxes for offshore companies in Hong Kong are not burdensome and many foreign investors find that the territorial taxation in the city is an advantage for this type of company.

Hong Kong is regarded a tax haven by some investors. The team of experts at our law firm in Hong Kong can give you complete information on the taxation principles and the requirements set forth by the Inland Revenue Department. 

Offshore company taxation in Hong Kong

A characteristic of the Hong Kong tax system is that taxes are levied on a territorial level: they do not apply to income that does not originate from Hong Kong. The tax rates are lower than those levied in other jurisdictions and the city has also concluded a number of double tax treaties.

Hong Kong imposes no withholding taxes on interest and dividends, no capital gains taxes and no value added tax.

An attorney in Hong Kong can give you details on the local tax laws and the provisions of the double tax treaties and the free trade agreements. 

Our lawyers invite you to watch a video on the taxation regime for offshore companies

Options for offshore company formation in Hong Kong

Investors in Hong Kong can open an offshore company here in the form of a private limited company which has a number of features that are suited for the purpose of an offshore.

The private limited company does not have a mandatory minimum share capital. It needs at least one director and one shareholder and can be operated by a nominee director, should the owner of the offshore wish to retain his anonymity. There is a mandatory requirement for a locally registered office and a company secretary who is a Hong Kong resident. This type of company has to observe the annual tax return filing requirements.

For more information on the tax returns and accounting requirements for offshore companies please contact our law firm in Hong Kong. One of out attorneys can also answer your questions regarding the Companies Ordinance and other business-related laws.