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Establishing a Trading Company in Hong Kong

Establishing a Trading Company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading financial and trading centers. The Port of Hong Kong is one of the busiest in the world and the city is a gateway to Mainland China and the surrounding markets. Trading companies in Hong Kong are a suitable choice for those who are already engaged in import and export activities or for those foreign companies who want to expand their business to the Asian market.

Our law firm in Hong Kong is experienced in working with foreign investors who want to open a company in Hong Kong. Our representatives can guide you through the process and give you the best legal advice regarding the legislation for foreign investments and investments in the trade sector.

Our lawyers invite you to watch a short video about trading and its regulations in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong: basing your international trading business

Hong Kong is an ideal location for a trading company because of its geographical position and its proximity to Mainland China. Despite its relatively small size, the city has one of the busiest ports in the world and a large part of the city’s GDP is based on trading activities. 

Importers from America or Europe choose to establish a trading company in Hong Kong in order to expand their business and benefit from better company management. By establishing their presence in Hong Kong, international firms can better control their orders and handle the international shipping. 

Open a trading company in Hong Kong

trading company in Hong Kong is set up just as any other type of legal entity. Foreign investors have several options and our Hong Kong lawyers can tell you more about the characteristics and advantages of these types of companies. If you want to expand our business but want to test the market first, our experts can help you open a virtual office in Hong Kong.

Once you decide to open a Hong Kong trading company, our law firm in Hong Kong will help you with company formation services. If you are looking to open a branch or a subsidiary we can also help you establish these types of companies.

Trademark registration in Hong Kong can be useful for these companies.

Investors who open a trading company can apply for the right of abode after having spent at least seven years in the HKSAR. The right of abode, which can be seen as permanent residency in Hong Kong, is the one that grants the right to remain in the country if the holder has decided to make Hong Kong his place or permanent residence. Certain conditions and mandatory documents are needed. 

You can contact our law firm in Hong Kong to receive a detailed offer of our services and additional information about the trading sector in Hong Kong.