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Obtaining Special Permits and Licenses in Hong Kong

Obtaining Special Permits and Licenses in Hong Kong

Licenses for businesses in Hong Kong

When doing business in Hong Kong the business owner will often need to obtain special permits and licenses. These permits, licenses or certificates and approvals are issued by the authorities that govern the specific business field. Some types of licenses and approvals for functioning can also be obtained through an online application.

The representatives at our law firm in Hong Kong can tell you more about the specific license after learning more about your type of company in Hong Kong and the business field in which you operate.

License for trade activities in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a free trade policy, however, import and export companies in Hong Kong need to obtain licenses to bring products into the city or export them. The Trade and Industry Department oversees licensing and control in this business sector. Business owners need to submit certain application forms according to the type of imported or exported product (or both). Herbal medicines, controlled chemicals, dutiable commodities, pharmaceutical products, diamonds or vehicles and vehicle parts are just some of the type of regulated products.

Investors in telecommunications in Hong Kong will also need to obtain licenses for:

– carrier license;

– public radio communications service license;

– class licenses or service-based operator licenses. 

Licenses for money service operators also exist in Hong Kong. If you operate in the telecommunications sector or the financial and trade sectors, our lawyers in Hong Kong can help you submit the necessary applications for licenses.

Permits for restaurants and other establishments

Restaurants in Hong Kong needs to obtain special permits in order to function. The applications include a license for food business and a declaration on compliance with the government lease conditions. The type of licenses include:

general restaurant license;

– light refreshment restaurant license;

marine restaurant license;

– food factory and bakery license;

– licenses for milk factories and composite food shops;

Permissions need to be obtained for establishments who provide outside seating accommodation as well as for clubhouses, hotels and guesthouses or karaoke establishments.

Some of the businesses in Hong Kong will also need to apply for an environmental permit or license, but only in certain cases. In order to determine if you need this special permit our lawyers in Hong Kong can help you understand the regulatory framework for air and water pollution as well as the disposal ordinances for special categories of waste.

For more information about doing business in Hong Kong and the legislation for foreign investments please do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Hong Kong.