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Open an Agricultural Business in Hong Kong

Open an Agricultural Business in Hong Kong

Agriculture is a smaller business field in Hong Kong, nevertheless, it is one that presents several opportunities for investors.

To open an agricultural business in Hong Kong, entrepreneurs need to observe the local laws and regulations for growing, handling, storing and processing fruits, plants and vegetables and the separate requirements for livestock farming and fisheries.

One of the experts at our Hong Kong law firm can provide you with complete guidance on the requirements for conducting farming and agricultural activities in the Special Administrative Region.

Agricultural businesses in Hong Kong

Hong Kong uses an urban and peri-urban farming methods, meaning that entrepreneurs who open an agricultural business in Hong Kong will target the outskirts of the urban area. This type of farming does not allow for large production quantities but it does offer high-value produce, the ability to offer local employment and the possibility to reduce food waste, as transport and logistics and easier processes when the product is delivered fast.

Despite the city’s scale and the expanding urban areas, Hong Kong produces vegetablespoultry, and pig, mainly for local consumption. Fisheries are another option for investors in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Government promotes sustainable agricultural development and has proposed a policy that will help implement strategies meant to modernize the industry.

Entrepreneurs interested in investing in agriculture in Hong Kong can also benefit from the city’s proximity to China. Those interested in knowing more about the Hong Kong-China agreements that affect businesses, including double tax treaties, can talk to one of our lawyers in Hong Kong.

Setting up a business in Hong Kong

Company formation in Hong Kong is an easy process. For agriculture and farming purposes, investors can choose to set up a private limited liability company as it offers a great degree of investor protection: shareholders are only liable to the extent of the capital invested in the company. The business needs to obtain a certificate from the Companies Registry before engaging in any activity. 

Companies in Hong Kong that engage in the production of food need to follow special regulations for hygiene, storage, transport and recycling waste. One of the experts at our law firm in Hong Kong can provide you with useful information on these laws and how a company that undertakes agricultural activities needs to observe these rules.

You can contact our Hong Kong law firm for more information on the laws for investments.