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Apply for an Environmental License in Hong Kong

Apply for an Environmental License in Hong Kong

Companies that operate in several business fields need to apply for an environmental license in Hong Kong.

One of our lawyers in Hong Kong can help you determine if you need a special environmental license for your company in the city.

Environmental protection in Hong Kong

Hong Kong imposes a set of local environmental requirements that apply to selected trades and industries. Hong Kong companies need to observe the environmental ordinances and apply for special permits and licenses if their business qualifies for special approval.

The relevant laws and regulations that govern environmental protection and control include the following:

– Air Pollution Control Ordinance;

– Water Pollution Control Ordinance;

– Hazardous Chemicals Control Ordinance;

– Waste Disposal Ordinance;

– Disposal at Sea Ordinance;

– Noise Control Ordinance;

– Ozone Layer Protection Ordinance.

The list of ordinances above is not exhaustive and one of our attorneys in Hong Kong can give you complete information on all the environmental laws that may apply to your business, according to its type.

Applying for special permits and licenses for environmental protection

Investors who perform one or more of the following activities need to apply for a special permit or license for environment protection purposes:

– premises engaged in polluting activities; 

– companies that perform construction work or need to perform open burning;

– asbestos-related activities;

– the production, collection and/or disposal of chemical and clinical waste;

– marine dumping;

– the production, import and export of non-pesticide hazardous chemicals.

The license applications are submitted to the Environmental Protection Department. For some types of special permits and licenses, like those for air and water pollution or waste disposal and noise control, the applications may be submitted via the online portal.

One of the experts at our law firm in Hong Kong can help you with complete information on how to fill in the special forms.

Contact us for more details on the environmental protection legal framework in Hong Kong.