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Personnel Relocation to Hong Kong

Personnel Relocation to Hong Kong

Employee relocation to Hong Kong is a process that takes into account the eligibility criteria for the available Hong Kong visas, as well as the need to provide new employees with a suitable relocation package.

Several types of visas are in place for talent admission to Hong Kong, along with the admission scheme for mainland talent and professionals. A special visa is also in place for foreign domestic helpers.

Business owners interested in personnel relocation to Hong Kong can request the services provided by our local team of specialists. We assist employers both with issues concerning immigration, as well as employment law matters.

For entrepreneurs who are interested in immigration matters, our law firm in Hong Kong offers complete counsel and legal assistance.

Types of visas used for foreign employees in Hong Kong

Different visas/entry permits are available to foreign nationals who wish to work in Hong Kong. Our team specializing in immigration to Hong Kong summarizes the conditions for some of the most important ones below:

General Employment Policy: for applicants with a relevant background in the field, and when there is a genuine job vacancy; the applicant needs to have a confirmed employment offer and a remuneration package that is in line with the HKSAR standards;

Top Talent Pass Scheme: the applicant does not need to have a secured job offer, however, he/she does need to comply with certain eligibility criteria concerning annual income and degrees;

Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals: the applicant needs to have a confirmed job offer and relevant experience/qualification;

Technology Talent Admission Scheme: for applicants who are engaged in R&D activities and have a degree in science, technology, mathematics, or engineering from a high-ranking, recognized university;

Entry Visa for New Foreign Domestic Helper: both the employer of the helper and the helper need to satisfy a number of criteria; the employer needs to be a bona fida HKSAR resident;

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme: available to applicants who satisfy a points-based test (general or achievement-based), as well as other criteria;

The criteria according to which the points test is performed for the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme include:

  • Age: a maximum of 30 points for ages 18 to 39;
  • Academic/professional qualification: maximum 70 points for different types of degrees;
  • Work experience: maximum 75 points given the number of years as a specialist or graduate level experience;
  • Others: language proficiency with a maximum of 20 points, talent list with a maximum of 30 points, and others.

Hong Kong business owners who wish to know more about one of these visas/entry permits for the purpose of personnel relocation to Hong Kong can reach out to our team for complete details, as well as assistance with the application.

We answer questions on matters that concern both the employer and the employee during the pre-and post-application process, so do not hesitate to reach out to us with your specific questions.

Issues to consider for employee relocation to Hong Kong

The successful application for one of the aforementioned visas/entry permits is an essential part of the overall process to relocate staff to the HKSAR, however, it is preceded by the signing of an employment agreement in most cases.

The employment contract is drawn up in accordance with the Employment Ordinance and includes key data, such as the duration of the relocation, the relocation benefits (as may apply for the specific position), the conditions for the termination of the assignment and/or return to the home country, as well as other information relevant to the position.

Business owners who are ready to hire foreign staff can reach out to our local team for complete information on the employment law considerations, the taxes that apply to foreign staff (including certain exemptions for expatriates), and other details concerning employee relocation to Hong Kong.

For foreign nationals who have already secured employment with a HKSAR company, our immigration lawyers in Hong Kong can give you more details on family reunification, according to your situation.

Contact us for more information on how you can start the process of personnel relocation to Hong Kong.