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Legal Services in Hong Kong

Legal Services in Hong Kong

Interested in doing business in China? Our law firm in Hong Kong specializes in company incorporation, company, and commercial law, business legal services and many other types of legal issues. Hong Kong is an extremely attractive business destination that offers great geographical advantages, access to a large consumer market and various business incentives for foreign-owned companies.

Our law firm in HK reunites a team of experienced lawyers who focus both on litigation and dispute resolution in general as well as company incorporation and helping foreign investors in Hong Kong set up their business in the Special Administrative Region.

The Chinese market is growing stronger and Hong Kong is becoming one of the leading business and financial centers not only in Asia but in the world. If you want to open a company in Hong Kong, our lawyers in Hong Kong are the best business partners for your company, regardless of the business type or the business field you choose to invest in.

Part of our legal services focuses on all matters relating to immigration. Do you want to come to Hong Kong for work, business, or perhaps study purposes? Our team of Hong Kong immigration lawyers is ready to guide you each step of the way and answer questions about visas, how and when you can obtain a Hong Kong identity card and more. We also answer particular questions for Chinese nationals.

Some of the frequently asked questions concerning immigration to Hong Kong are related to nationality matters (such as the separate rules for Chinese nationals, applicable in certain cases), the submission of the visa/entry permit for Hong Kong, applying for an HKSAR passport, or other issues concerning reunifications with spouses or other family members. Our team can help answer all these questions.

Foreign nationals who are interested in information about residency in Hong Kong can discuss their options with our lawyers. Permanent residence status is awarded to those foreign nationals (not of Chinese origin) who have been lawfully living in HKSAR for no less than 7 years. Other conditions can apply and we advise interested individuals to ask any questions to our team.

We invite you to watch the following video about our services:

What are our main types of services in Hong Kong?

Local and foreign investors in Hong Kong who need specialized legal help can reach out to our team of attorneys in Hong Kong. Whether it is for solving a commercial or business dispute, for company incorporation purposes or for legal counseling as to doing business in the city, our team of experts is ready to assist you. between them, our lawyers have experience in all major legal fields and specialize in Commercial and Corporate Law, Contract Law, real estate laws, civil litigation, bankruptcy, and specialized banking and financial laws.

The main types of services we offer to our clients include the following:

  • Litigation: our law firm in HK can help you either avoid the court proceedings altogether or represent you in those cases when this is not possible;
  • Contractual disputes: doing business in Hong Kong means negotiating the manner in which two or more parties will engage in specific activities; our lawyers can help draw up contracts or solve contractual disputes;
  • Company formation: one main area of specialization for our team is company formation in Hong Kong; we can advise investors on choosing the right type of company and then following the incorporation formalities;
  • Debt collection: when dealing with accumulated debts, entrepreneurs can reach out to our team of lawyers in Hong Kong; we will help negotiate the payment and, when needed, commence the debt collection procedures through initiating legal procedures;
  • Bankruptcy: companies that are no longer profitable can be liquidated and closed down with the help of our attorneys; alternatively, we can help with company restructuring in the case of bankruptcy.

Our immigration lawyers in Hong Kong also answer questions related to visas and residence permits.

Our team of lawyers can also offer services related to the Employment Law and the Intellectual Property Law. Hong Kong is an established business center that attracts not only foreign investors but also talented and highly skilled foreign workers. As an investor or company owner, it is advisable to understand the principles of the Employment Law. For this purpose, our lawyers offer advisory services on the rights of the employees in Hong Kong as well as solutions for handling employment disputes that may arise in case of confidentiality clause breaches or other contractual breaches on the part of the employee.

As far as the Intellectual Property Law is concerned, our team of Hong Kong lawyers can help company owners with the registration of trademarks, patents, and designs and advise on the legal proceedings in case of trademark infringement.

Dispute resolution with the help of our lawyers in Hong Kong

When doing business in Hong Kong, commercial or business disputes are sometimes unavoidable. When this happens, our team can carefully analyze your case and propose the most suitable course of action of out-of-court and in-court dispute resolution. Court litigation is the only solution in some cases, however, alternative dispute resolution methods like arbitration or mediation can yield the same results, for lower overall costs at faster compared to taking the case to court. Our lawyers can advise entrepreneurs on a suitable means of action according to the business dispute. We can help you sole disputes related to the breach of contract, civil fraud or civil torts, breach of fiduciary duties, shareholder disputes or employment disputes as well as intellectual property disputes. 

Corporate and commercial legal aid in Hong Kong

Our team has notable experience in helping local and foreign investors in a number of commercial activities and transactions. Our Hong Kong lawyers have extensive experience in the local Commercial Law and Corporate Law and can help business owners meet their business goals while observing the local rules and regulations. We can help local and foreign companies in matters concerning mergers and acquisitions, the sale and purchase of business assets and shares as well as offer advice on the needed licenses for doing business or for opening a franchise in Hong Kong.

How can we help you open a company in Hong Kong?

The first and most important step for any businessman in Hong Kong is choosing the right type of company. Hong Kong offers more options for legal entities that can be opened in the city, however, foreign investors should keep in mind that some business fields and some companies are still regulated and need to observe certain special regulations. If you choose to work with our attorneys in Hong Kong you will not need to be worried about any legal matters, because we can help you know everything about the legislation for foreign investments.

Our Hong Kong law firm offers company incorporation services for Hong Kong companies or for foreign branches or subsidiaries in Hong Kong. We can also help you if you are interested in purchasing shares in existing Hong Kong companies or if you want to make any corporate acquisitions or company mergers.

If you want to relocate to HKSAR to open a company, our immigration lawyers in Hong Kong can give you details about the residence permit application.

How can we help you with company management in Hong Kong?

Some businesses in Hong Kong might succeed better than others. Our Hong Kong attorneys are ready to help you if your company is going through financial difficulties and you need help with bankruptcy or liquidation procedures.

If you are interested in legal advice and counseling regarding tax planning in Hong Kong, our experts can guide you through the main principles of the taxation laws and help you observe all the legal requirements in order to avoid any penalties. Hong Kong is a low-tax jurisdiction, however, our team can help you with certain tax planning and tax minimization strategies while remaining fully compliant with the taxation laws in force. Moreover, our law firm in Hong Kong also offers company management services tailored to the specific needs of your company. Together with our experts, you will draw up the best business plan and business strategy for your company.

Our full-service law firm in Hong Kong offers complete legal services to local clients and investors from Mainland China as well as the rest of the world.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Hong Kong lawyers. We will answer all of your questions in the shortest amount of time possible.  

We also answer questions related to immigration to Hong Kong.