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Immigrate to Hong Kong from Australia

Immigrate to Hong Kong from Australia

If you want to immigrate to Hong Kong from Australia, you will need to apply for and obtain a residence permit that will suit your purpose of stay.

The permit application requirements and documents differ according to your purpose of immigration to Hong Kong. Our local attorneys assist foreign nationals who have questions about the visa/entry permit and can guide you if you are looking to relocate from Australia.

The questions below have been answered by our team of lawyers in Hong Kong and they refer to the general requirements. If you would like to receive details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I immigrate to Hong Kong from Australia for employment/investment?

The following admission schemes can be applied for:

  • Employment as professional: if the applicant has confirmed employment with a Hong Kong company; he/she must have a degree in a field relevant to the job position;
  • Employment as technology talent: for those who will work in R&D activities and hold a relevant degree from a well-recognized university for STEM-related subjects;
  • Investment as an entrepreneur: you can relocate to Hong Kong from Australia if you wish to open a company in HKSAR or invest in an already existing one; conditions apply;
  • Other situations: students who obtain higher qualifications in the HKSAR can choose to stay or return to the HKSAR to work; this is subject to conditions.

The applicant will submit general documents, as well as permit-specific documents according to the type of entry permit. You can discuss the requirements that apply to your case with our team of lawyers.

According to statistical data from the Immigration Department, the following number of Australians have applied for and obtained a visa under the General Employment Policy:

  • in 2023 there were 814 applications;
  • for 2024, the period between January and March the number of applications was 210;
  • the total number of applications under the General Employment Policy in 2023 (all regions) was 26,270.

Can I relocate to Hong Kong from Australia for other purposes?

You can also relocate to Hong Kong if you wish to join your spouse or another family member who is already a lawful resident in HKSAR, for training purposes (limited to one year), or as part of the Working Holiday Scheme (Australia has an annual quota of 5,000 applicants as a participating country).

If you wish to move to Hong Kong from Australia for any of these purposes, our team will give you more details about the requirements for application, and the specific documents you will need to submit.

What is the right of abode in Hong Kong?

Some individuals who choose to move to Hong Kong from Australia may wish to make their stay permanent. Permanent residency in Hong Kong is called the right of abode and it means that the individual who gains this right will be able to live and work here without restrictions on his or her stay.

How can I get the right of abode in HKSAR?

If you wish to immigrate to Hong Kong from Australia, you will be able to apply for the right of abode once you have resided here ordinarily for a continuous period of at least 7 years. You will need to take up Hong Kong as your place of permanent residence.

You can apply for the right of abode, or permanent residency in Hong Kong, with the help of our immigration experts. Before you do so, our team will guide you on the application process and how you will be asked to show that you are eligible for this right in front of the authorities.

Our immigration lawyers in Hong Kong can provide more detailed answers to these questions upon request and will help you with any other inquiries if you are ready to relocate from Australia to HKSAR.

Contact our law firm in Hong Kong for complete information about our legal services for foreigners.