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Marriage Registration in Hong Kong

Marriage Registration in Hong Kong

Marriage registration in Hong Kong is also possible for foreign individuals, even if they are not both from the same foreign state. The procedure requires the couple to submit a request to obtain a Notice of Intended Marriage. The couple can choose to celebrate the marriage at a marriage registry in Hong Kong.

Our lawyers in Hong Kong can help you submit the necessary documents for marriage registration and we can also help you draw up prenuptial agreements.

The marriage procedure in Hong Kong

According to law, the legal age to get married in Hong Kong is 16 years of age. The two individuals do not need to be Hong Kong residents in order to get married in the city and no nationality requirements apply.

The marriage procedure begins with a Notice of Intended Marriage after which a Certificate is issued. The couple can celebrate their marriage within three months from the date the notice was submitted. If the marriage does not take place within three months from the date the notice was issued, the document is canceled and a new one has to be obtained. The marriage ceremony has to take place at a marriage registry or other licenses places of worship.

Marriage registration for foreigners in Hong Kong

The first step for marriage registration in Hong Kong is to request a form called the Notice of Intended Marriage and the information sheet “Information Required for Registration of Marriage”. These documents can be obtained from the Marriage Registration and Records Office in Hong Kong or from the Immigration Department.

Once duly completed and signed, the form must be authenticated by a notary public from the country of origin. Only one of the two individuals needs to authenticate this document (the one who gives notice). A fee is also payable for the registration of civil marriages in Hong Kong. The form and the required documents together with the fee must be submitted to the Marriage Registration and Records Office.

The couple can choose to celebrate the civil wedding at the marriage registry. The dates will need to be booked and the ceremony cannot take place before the Certificate of Registrar of Marriages has been released.

Questions concerning marriage registration in Hong Kong are commonly asked at the same time as those concerning the right of abode, or the right to temporary or permanent residency. Our team will answer questions about immigration to Hong Kong depending on your particular situation, and that of your spouse (if one or both of you have the right of abode, or how marriage to a Hong Kong citizen influences the other spouse, among others).

The experts at our Hong Kong law firm can give you detailed information about family law in Hong Kong. You can also contact us if you want to commence the divorce procedure.