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Civil Law in Hong Kong

Civil Law in Hong Kong

The legal system in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Basic Law is the constitutional framework for the legal system in the Special Administrative Region. Hong Kong bases its legal system on the principle of “one country, two systems”: it is different from that in mainland China. While in Hong Kong the legal system is common to that in England and the rest of the Commonwealth countries, China uses a model based on those used in Continental Europe.

Our lawyers can give you more information about the court system in Hong Kong.

Basic civil rights in Hong Kong

The Basic Law of Hong Kong includes various legal areas, including civil rights and proceedings. Constitutional lawadministrative law and criminal law are included here. Labor law and property law are also a part of the civil law and set forth the regulations when dealing with these types of litigations.

The following basic rights are guaranteed by law for individuals in Hong Kong:

– civil and political rights: the right to live, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and the right to equality;

– the right to property, privacy and the right to vote;

– economic, social and cultural rights.

Our lawyers in Hong Kong can give you complete details about your individual rights if you are a Hong Kong citizen or a foreign investor.

Legal assistance for civil litigation in Hong Kong

Civil proceedings against individuals in Hong Kong can be initiated by the Government, including private Hong Kong companies, or by individuals against other individuals. In some cases a jury may have to be present.

The experts at our law firm in Hong Kong are accustomed to working with individuals involved in civil cases. We can help you with civil litigation for various matters including, but not restricted to, property issues, administrative issues, family law including marriage or divorce in Hong Kong or child custody.