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Immigrate to Hong Kong from Russia

Immigrate to Hong Kong from Russia

Russian nationals who wish to immigrate to Hong Kong from Russia need to apply for an obtain an entry permit that will allow them to remain in the Special Administrative Region.

As per the regulations for entry into HKSAR, Russian citizens are allowed to remain in Hong Kong without a visa for no more than 14 days.

For the purposes of those who wish to relocate to Hong Kong from Russia, this means that they will need to apply beforehand for an entry permit that will allow them to remain in the territory for more than this prescribed time.

Our law firm in Hong Kong offers complete services to foreign nationals who wish to enter HKSAR.

We can assist you before and after you arrive in Hong Kong, and we will guide you when applying for a specific entry permit.

Entry permits for those who immigrate to Hong Kong from Russia

Several options are available to Russian citizens entering Hong Kong for long-term stays. We list these below:

  1. Employment: under the General Employment Policy or the Technology Talent Admission Scheme (subject to particular conditions);
  2. Investment: under the Investment as Entrepreneur scheme that is subject to criteria concerning the financial resources for the business project, the investment sum and others;
  3. Study: for a Russian national admitted to a recognized school or programme; meeting the fees of the course and those for accommodation and maintenance is mandatory;
  4. Dependants: for Russian citizens who have a spouse or another qualifying family member who has been admitted to the HKSAR for employment, investment or study.

These routes to immigrate to Hong Kong from Russia are subject to particular conditions.

The applicant needs to comply with the eligibility conditions in terms of relevant experience (for employment or investment) as well as having an acceptance letter from a recognized educational institution.

The following processing times and fees can be expected:

  • 1 month for the processing of the employment and investment visas;
  • 6 weeks for the processing of a study visa or dependants visa;
  • $230 is the fee for an ordinary visa application, however, Russian nationals who apply should know that this fee can be subject to change.

Please note that the processing time is estimated to suit the duration of an application that contains all of the needed documents.

When applicants fail to deliver all of the documents to the authorities, the processing time will be longer than the estimates above.

Our lawyers in Hong Kong can give you more information about the documents required when applying for an entry permit, as well as other issues such as changing the purpose of stay or extending its duration.

Requirements for the purpose of moving to Hong Kong from Russia

Some of the main steps of the relocation process are listed below:

  1. After a successful application the individual will receive an e-Visa entry permit.
  2. A re-entry visa is not required for non-permanent residents, provided that they observe the conditions of their permit.
  3. After having resided in Hong Kong for a continuous period of no less than 7 years, a Russian national who entered and remained in HKSAR under the General Employment Policy can apply for the right of abode.
  4. Obtaining the right of abode, the equivalent of permanent residency, is the final step for those who immigrate to Hong Kong from Russia.
  5. The minimum period of at least 7 years of continuous residence also applies to Russian investors who wish to immigrate to Hong Kong and wish to obtain permanent residency.

We recommend getting in touch with our local immigration experts as soon as you decide to relocate to Hong Kong.

Our team is able to guide you throughout the process so that the processing time can me reduced to a minimum when you correctly submit all of the required documents.

Contact our law firm in Hong Kong to schedule an appointment.