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Open a Crowdfunding Business in Hong Kong

Open a Crowdfunding Business in Hong Kong

Crowdfunding can be a very efficient way of gathering the capital needed to start a company. Investors who open a crowdfunding business in Hong Kong base the success of their business on the city’s attractiveness as a startup location and the various opportunities the city has for investors who start these types of businesses.

Several crowdfunding platforms in Hong Kong are offering various types of services for startups and investors who want to start their own business in this particular business sectors can start by observing the services offered by the existing platforms and how startups and entrepreneurs are using these services.

The business policies in Hong Kong are welcoming and our team of lawyers in Hong Kong can give you complete information if you are interested in starting a company.

We invite you to watch a video about opening a crowdfunding company in Hong Kong:

Crowdfunding platforms in Hong Kong

Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular practice in Hong Kong among the numerous entrepreneurs and startup owners. The concept is a simple one and it relies on the existence of a crowdfunding platform – website – that connects a possible sponsor with an entrepreneur looking for capital.

This means of gathering capital relies mainly on the power of many individuals, united for a single purpose. Instead of applying for a traditional bank credit, investors in Hong Kong can rely on public donations, including small but numerous ones, to start their business.

Investors who want to open a crowdfunding business in Hong Kong can start by developing and hosting a crowdfunding platform or page. Our attorneys in Hong Kong can help you open a company and then tell you more about the other steps and issues, like trademark registration, that you will need to pay attention to.

Starting a business in Hong Kong

Opening a business in Hong Kong is a simple and fast process, facilitated by the simple company incorporation formalities and the light tax burden on companies. Most crowdfunding businesses start as a private limited liability company. For this purpose, investors need an original company name, a bank account in Hong Kong and they need to register the company with the Companies Commission.

Hong Kong has no restrictions on investments for foreign entrepreneurs, however, should you wish to know more about any specific laws, you can talk to one of our attorneys in Hong Kong.

Contact the experts at our Hong Kong law firm for more information on how to open a company.