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Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Hong Kong

Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Hong Kong

Advertising and marketing agencies in Hong Kong help companies with brand strategy, design, creative content and the management of their digital services. Full-services creative digital agencies in Hong Kong have access to a wide range of local and international clients and they often choose to set up their regional headquarters in Hong Kong because of the city’s favorable business environment.

Entrepreneurs can open an advertising and marketing company in Hong Kong by following the usual steps for incorporating a business.

One of our lawyers Hong Kong can help you each step of the way so that the company incorporation and registration process can go on smoothly and as fast as possible.

Advertising and marketing services in Hong Kong

Marketing and advertising companies in Hong Kong can specialize in one, two or more types of services. These can include both marketing and advertising services or just one of the two. Below are some examples of activities for this type of company in Hong Kong:

  1. Digital marketing: campaigns designed to attract clients as well as analytics, tracking and targeted ad placements; can include SEO and social media services.
  2. Web and graphic design: these services can be included in a general category of digital design – for websites and for the mobile platforms
  3. Branding: for new companies in Hong Kong as well as for those that need to reposition themselves on the market, special strategies aiming to maximize the value of the brand.
  4. Advertising: complete digital and traditional advertising services, from creative print ads to radio and television.

How to start a Hong Kong company

Company registration in Hong Kong starts with choosing a company type and an original business name. The company founders will then draw up the constitutive documents, fill in the registration forms, pay the fees and register the business with the Hong Kong Companies Registry. One of our attorneys in Hong Kong can help you during the document drafting process and with the registration of the company documents.

Companies in this business field are subject to taxation as well as accounting and reporting, just as any other business in the city.

Investors can rely on our complete services if they wish to open a company that activates in the advertising and/or marketing sector. Contact us for more information about how we can assist you.