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Fiduciary Services in Hong Kong

Fiduciary Services in Hong Kong

A fiduciary in Hong Kong

fiduciary is an individual or company that acts on behalf of another individual or company to manage assets. Fiduciary services in Hong Kong are requested both by individuals who want to take care of special types of assets or who want to secure their investments and by companies, typically for the management of trust funds. A lawyer in Hong Kong can act as a fiduciary.

Our Hong Kong law firm offers high-quality fiduciary services and our experts act in the best interest of the clients who are the beneficiaries of the administered assets.

Professional assets management

Corporations usually request fiduciary services for investments funds and other structures finance vehicles. Also, investors can choose to establish or administer a foundation for charitable or private purposes. The fiduciary provider in Hong Kong will work closely with the company in order to link the fiduciary solutions with the financial objectives of the company. 

Personal fiduciary services usually include private wealth management or private banking services. Estate planning can play an important role in the process of managing one’s personal assets and our attorneys in Hong Kong can provide personalized asset management solutions.

The fiduciary standard of care means that the individual entrusted with the keeping of and managing the assets acts in good faith for the client. Our law firm in Hong Kong uses qualified accountants, lawyers and management specialists so that our fiduciary solutions are tailored to the  needs of your company.

Solutions for fiduciary services in Hong Kong

Our representatives can act as a trustee for you and implement the best investment solutions for your company assets or personal assets. Our Hong Kong lawyers can act as a nominee on your behalf. We can monitor the investments made and perform periodic evaluations. 

Our lawyers can provide asset management services, investment consulting and much more. You can contact our Hong Kong law firm to fund out more about fiduciary services in the city and how you can benefit if you are an investor in Hong Kong.