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Open a Consulting Business in Hong Kong

Open a Consulting Business in Hong Kong

Consultants in Hong Kong have access to a diverse market, populated by a large number of companies that can form a client base of a consultancy business.

Private consultants offer their expertise in various business fields like management, finance, accounting, technology, public relations and much more. Foreign investors can open a consulting business in Hong Kong and enjoy the same investment benefits as local entrepreneurs.

The legal requirements for starting a private consultancy company in Hong Kong are similar to those in other business field but may vary according to the type of consultancy offered to clients. One of our attorneys in Hong Kong can give you specific answers according to the field in which you will provide your consulting services. 

Hong Kong consultants

Consulting businesses in Hong Kong provide expert advice in a particular field or fields of activity. Companies in Hong Kong can hire a consultant whenever they need professional services or advice in certain fields, such as tax consultancy. These services can be provided on a seasonal basis.

Examples of consulting firms in Hong Kong include:

– business and management consultants;

– public relations consultants;

– human resources consultants;

– legal consultants;

– marketing consultants;

– technology consultants;

– IT consultants;

– investment consultants.

Entrepreneurs who open a consultancy firm are usually experts in a certain area themselves and provide services in their own name. As the business expands, they can hire employees in Hong Kong.

Certain business fields are regulated in Hong Kong and consultants may need to obtain additional permits and licenses, part from their qualifications that recommend them for consultancy. One of our lawyers in Hong Kong can give you more details about licensing. 

Starting a company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a simple company incorporation regime and investors are required to complete a minimum of legal and bureaucratic steps. Most consulting businesses are set-up as a private limited liability company, however, investors have the option of opening a sole proprietorship – a very simple business form, with higher investor liability. 

One of our lawyers in Hong Kong can answer any questions about the business forms and the liabilities for investors.

Contact our Hong Kong law firm for tailored legal services for your business.