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Commercial Litigation in Hong Kong

Commercial Litigation in Hong Kong

Resolve commercial disputes in Hong Kong

Commercial litigation in Hong Kong includes numerous types of disputes that can arise for all kinds of businesses, regardless of their size. The law enforced for disputes between commercial entities is the Business Law.

Our Hong Kong lawyers work with numerous clients, such as foreign companies that have established a branch or representative office in the city. We can advise you on the manner in which the law applies to foreign companies and how foreign judgments can be enforced in Hong Kong.

The litigation process for commercial and business issues is described in the video below: 

Services offered by our Hong Kong law firm

Our lawyers can provide counseling and legal assistance for a wide range of common commercial disputes, including:

contractual breaches;

– director’s duties breaches;

competition disputes;

– product liability claims;

intellectual property disputes

– insurance disputes;

– insolvency and company liquidation claims;

real estate disputes;

– company merger and acquisition issues;

– tortious claims and certain civil fraud issues.

Commercial disputes are commonly brought before the Court of First Instance of the High Court. Most claims have a limitation period. For example, plaintiffs have six years from the date of the breach to initiate legal action against a contractual breach. Our Hong Kong lawyers can help you commence any commercial litigation proceedings in due time. 

Alternative dispute resolution methods in Hong Kong

Our lawyers can present alternative dispute resolution methods if they will provide a faster outcome for your legal issue. In Hong Kong, arbitration and mediation are two commonly used methods of solving commercial disputes. The mediator is an impartial third party that can help the two reach a consensus and negotiate an agreement in private.

Arbitration is a method that results in a legally binding solution for the parties. Cases are brought before an arbitral tribunal that consists of independent arbitrators. In Hong Kong, this tribunal is the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre.

Our commercial litigation lawyers can help you in any business disputes, regardless of the business field in which your company activates. Contact our Hong Kong law firm for more details about the court proceedings in the city and how we can assist you.