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Open Company in the Healthcare Field in Hong Kong

Open Company in the Healthcare Field in Hong Kong

Private healthcare in Hong Kong is well represented, with a number of private hospitals and clinics that provide various types of services to clients. Private hospitals and clinics need to be registered in Hong Kong and those investors who want to open a company in the healthcare field in Hong Kong need to observe the ongoing laws in the healthcare field.

The Hong Kong Department of Health is the Governmental health agency and the Food and Health Bureau is the agency that creates and implements the policies needed to promote public health. The Hospital Authority is the one in charge of managing public hospitals in Hong Kong.

The team of experts at our law firm in Hong Kong can give you complete details on the laws that govern the healthcare system in the city and how these types of private services are regulated. 

We invite you to watch the following video on investing in the healthcare field in Hong Kong

The health care system in Hong Kong

All private hospitals and clinics in Hong Kong need to be registered, as stated in the Medical Clinics Ordinance. The Hong Kong Department of Health oversees the proper functioning of these companies in the healthcare field in Hong Kong. It has the right to conduct inspections and handle all and any incidents that may occur in these types of establishments, as well as handle public complaints. 

Medical professionals in Hong Kong are registered with the Medical Council of Hong Kong, the body responsible for the registration of doctors and for ensuring the professional practice standards in the field.

Companies in Hong Kong that operate in the healthcare field can hire employees according to the Employment Law and by observing this requirement that doctors need to be registered.  

One of our attorneys in Hong Kong can give you more details on the registration of healthcare professionals and that of Chinese medical practitioners. 

Company formation in Hong Kong

The limited liability company is a preferred business form in Hong Kong because of its characteristics and because there is no mandatory minimum share capital for its formation.

Private clinics in Hong Kong and other companies in the healthcare field can be incorporated as a private limited company or as a public limited company. The latter is more suited to large businesses.

Trademark registration, in the form of a work mark or a combined mark, can be important for companies in this field.

You can contact our Hong Kong law firm for detailed information on company registration and how you can invest in the healthcare field in Hong Kong