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Directors of Offshore Companies in Hong Kong

Directors of Offshore Companies in Hong Kong

An offshore company in Hong Kong

An offshore company is a great business option for investors who want to have 100% foreign ownership and foreign members. The incorporation procedures is simple and the city offers great economic and political stability, as well as an attractive market and numerous possibilities for investments.

The director of an offshore company in Hong Kong is appointed alongside a shareholder. In most cases, they can be the same person. The incorporation process for an offshore company can be handled entirely by our lawyers in Hong Kong. If you are the director of an offshore company we can help you with the incorporation steps.

The director of an offshore company

There are no restrictions in Hong Kong as to the nationality of the offshore company director. The city is a well-known and preferred location for offshore company location because of its very advantageous taxation regime.

The requirements for incorporating an offshore company in Hong Kong demand that the company must have at least one director and one shareholder. Our lawyers in Hong Kong can tell you more about the attributions of the offshore company director. There is no need for the director to reside in Hong Kong and our expert can help you run your business without encountering any problems.

Investing in Hong Kong

The offshore company may take the form of any of the available types of legal entities in Hong Kong. These types of companies are recognised for the flexibility they bring for business owners and the directors or shareholders can opt to limit the amount of public information about the company. This is done using a nominee service. Our partner Hong Kong company formation experts can provide nominee director services in Hong Kong.

Our Hong Kong lawyers can help you open an offshore company. There will be no need to employ personnel and we can also help you deal with banking matters, such as opening a bank account for the company.

As a company director, one can choose to remain in Hong Kong for longer than the usual visa allows. This means that the individual will apply for an entry permit for business purposes (either for establishing a business or joining an already existing one). If this is a route to immigrate to Hong Kong that interests you, our team can answer important questions about the needed documents.

You can contact our Hong Kong law firm for more information about the directors of offshore companies.