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Immigrate to Hong Kong from Ukraine

Immigrate to Hong Kong from Ukraine

Entry into the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is visa-free for Ukrainian national for only 14 days.

Those who wish to immigrate to Hong Kong from Ukraine will need to apply for a visa that will allow them to remain in the territory for long-term purposes.

Our team of lawyers in Hong Kong provides complete assistance for Ukrainian citizens who wish to apply for a visa or temporary residence permit for Hong Kong.

You can reach out to our immigration lawyers in Hong Kong if you have questions about the identity card or the passport and when and where you can apply for these documents. Our team will give you details about the eligibility criteria, and the need to register for an identity card. We can also guide you if you need to replace an identity card and if you need to apply for a certificate of registered particulars.

Working in Hong Kong

One manner in which a Ukrainian national can enter HKSAR and remain for a longer period of time (subject to extension) is by taking up employment under the General Employment Policy.

The conditions for foreign employees are the following who wish to immigrate to Hong Kong from Ukraine for employment purposes are the following:

  • the foreign national has secured a job position with a Hong Kong employee;
  • both the individual and the employing company fill in the needed forms;
  • the applicant has a good educational background, with relevant degrees, good technical qualifications/proven abilities;
  • the remuneration package is in line with the labor policies applicable in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Please note that all applications are subject to a 4-week processing time (in most cases) and that the Immigration Department will not start processing the file until all the required documents are submitted.

The approval of the application is subject to the evaluation of the Immigration Department. If you wish to know more about the conditions, as well as if you need assistance for a proper application submission, our lawyers in Hong Kong can help you.

The following statistical data on applications under the General Employment Policy is available:

  • in 2021 there were 13,821 total applications across all relevant industries;
  • most of the applications were for the financial services sector, 2,569;
  • most of the applicants had a bachelor’s degree or equivalent (6,654) and only 870 of the applicants had a doctorate;
  • 5,038 applicants received a monthly renumeration between $20,000 and $39,999 in 2021; only 1,697 applicants were admitted for a position that was renumerated with less than $20,000 per month.

Working in the HKSAR is one of the common entry routes for those who immigrate to Hong Kong from Ukraine, however, other options are available.

Remaining in Hong Kong for other purposes

Ukrainian nationals who have a family member who is already residing in Hong Kong (either under a temporary work permit or as a permanent resident) can apply for a visa that will allow them to join that family member.

The conditions for the dependants visa are the following:

  • the spouse of the applicant has been admitted into the HKSAR and has taken up employment under the General Employment Policy or under the investment scheme or for study purposes;
  • Ukrainian nationals who are already permanent residents (have the right of abode) can be joined not only by their spouse but also by the unmarried dependent child under the age of 18 or parent aged 60 or above;
  • the applications are also available to those in a civil partnership and civil union;
  • the processing time that should be considered for this purpose is 6 weeks.

Providing relevant documents, such as the marriage certificate, is a mandatory condition.

Other visas available to Ukrainian nationals include the study visa, the one suited for training purposes or for engaging in seasonal or short-term work (such as for foreign domestic helpers).

If you wish to apply for any of the types of visas described in this article, please contact our law firm in Hong Kong as soon as possible.

A member of our team will assist you during the application process, will help you fill out the needed forms and will guide you as needed.

Contact our lawyers in Hong Kong if you wish to immigrate to Hong Kong from Ukraine.