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Resolve Insurance Disputes in Hong Kong

Resolve Insurance Disputes in Hong Kong

Insurance problems in Hong Kong

Insurance disputes in Hong Kong, whether they concern corporate insurance or private insurance plans, can be solved with the help of a litigation lawyer

Insurance disputes in Hong Kong can range from product liability to personal injury and medical malpractice. It is important to understand how an insurance policy covers the risks and how you can claim rightful compensations. Our lawyers can help you in a wide range of cases, regardless of their complexity.

Insurance litigation in Hong Kong

Health insurance plansretirement plans and wealth management solutions are services provided by most of the insurers in Hong Kong. Companies will provide a long list of services, oriented towards the needs of the customer and with an extensive cover. A life insurance plan can also be used by expats in Hong Kong. These types of insurance plans are available for individuals or families as well as for the protection of the financial security of the family.

According to law, an insurance company or insurance intermediary in Hong Kong must act in the best interest of the policyholder, in an honest and fair manner. A breach of contract from the part of the insurance agent can result in disciplinary action although the agent cannot always be deemed liable for judiciary proceedings. One of our lawyers in Hong Kong can determine the extent of the contractual breach and can help you take legal action if the insurer did not comply with the contractual terms, as expressed in the insurance policy.

Insurance regulation in Hong Kong

The Insurance Authority in Hog Kong, belonging to the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, is the main regulatory agency that enforces the provisions of the Insurance Companies Ordinance. This document governs the activities undertaken by insurance companies and their intermediaries, such as agents. Any insurer must be authorized in Hong Kong before he can carry out this type of work. Branches of foreign insurance companies can operate in Hong Kong under the same regulations as the companies incorporated here.

Hong Kong insurance companies must meet the customer’s expectations, provide good services and a sufficient degree of transparency and disclosure. The customer has a large number of insurers to choose from and any misunderstandings or contractual disputes can be brought in front of a court or solved using alternative dispute resolution methods like arbitration.

For legal advice and representation in insurance litigation cases or if you have additional questions, you can contact our law firm in Hong Kong