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Resolve Employment Disputes in Hong Kong

Resolve Employment Disputes in Hong Kong

The employment law in Hong Kong

The Employment Law in Hong Kong, or the Employment Ordinance, governs the relationship between the employer and the employee as well as the obligations the two parties have for fulfilling their contractual terms. Any employment disputes are judged according to this law and other provisions of the civil law. Claims are usually brought before the Minor Employment Claims Adjudication Board and the Labour Tribunal.

In special cases, employers and employees can also address to higher civil courts. The District Court will typically handle cases that include employees’ compensation and some workplace discrimination cases after they were brought in front of a special equal opportunities commission.  

The experts at our law firm in Hong Kong can help you in any cases that involve disputes and prejudices between a Hong Kong employer and an employee or employees.

Employment litigation in Hong Kong

The Labour Department belonging to the Government of Hong Kong ensures work safety and health and oversees the legislation that promotes equitable rights and benefits for employees. The Minor Employment Claims Adjudication Board oversees cases that involve:

minor employment claims;

– those claims that can be settled quickly and with low costs;

– claims that can be solved amicably. 

These minor employment claims are heard in public and there is no legal representation allowed. Adjudications made here are legally binding.

The Labour Tribunal in Hong Kong hears cases brought to court either by the employer or the employee which involve considerable amounts. These cases can include contractual breaches or failure to observe the provisions of the Employment Ordinance. Cases can also be brought to court for apprenticeship disputes

The Hong Kong labour relations division is responsible for overseeing more complicated employment claims and persecute offenders. Other divisions of the Labour Department include the employment claims investigation divisions, the wage security division or the labour inspection division. 

Legal assistance for solving employment disputes in Hong Kong

Our lawyers can also help you with competition issues and the good implementation of the Competition Ordinance. We can help you solve legal issues that involve:

labour relations;

work health and safety issues;

employee rights and benefits;

discrimination or sexual harassment;

unlawful employment contract termination;

– issues related to entitlement to leave and many others.

Alternative dispute resolution methods in Hong Kong include mediation and arbitration. These are less costly than court litigation and can provide for a faster dispute resolution. 

Contact our law firm in Hong Kong for legal representation and professional advice in all matters involving employment disputes.