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Dependent Visa Hong Kong

Dependent Visa Hong Kong

The dependent visa in Hong Kong is a type of visa that allows an individual to enter the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as a dependent, a person that joins another who has the right to stay in the city.

A key element of the application process is that the dependent’s visa is based on the fact that his or her relative is a sponsor for this purpose, and has already been admitted to remain in the HKSAR for a certain purpose.

The dependent visa in Hong Kong applies for several categories of individuals:

  • Spouse: when an individual who is already accepted to enter in Hong Kong wishes to bring his or her spouse;
  • Civil partner: the holder of a residence permit can also be a dependent with whom he or she is not married, but in a civil partnership, including a same-sex civil partnership;
  • Children: the unmarried, dependent children of the sponsor or permit holder who are under the age of 18;                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Parents: the residence permit holder’s mother of father can join him or her in Hong Kong, provided that they are aged 60 or above.

If you wish to move to Hong Kong and bring your family members with you, the immigration experts at our law firm in Hong Kong can help you.

Dependant visa Hong Kong application

When applying for this type of visa, the process will be looked upon in a favorable manner if the following apply:

  • the relationship between the parties is a genuine one and the application includes proof thereof;
  • the applicant, the one who applies for the HK dependent visa, has no record that would prevent the authorities from granting the request;
  • the sponsor is able to support the dependent above the subsistence level and will be able to provide him or her with accommodation in Hong Kong that is deemed suitable.

The dependent visa in Hong Kong is awarded to one applicant only. This means that each family member will submit a separate application that is subject to evaluation according to these criteria, along with other that may apply in a particular situation.

Our lawyers in Hong Kong can give you more information about the conditions that need to be satisfied by both the dependent (applicant) and the sponsor.

Discussing the needed steps for visa or entry permit applications is easier with a team of immigration lawyers in Hong Kong. Our immigration attorneys assist foreign nationals who wish to apply for a visa or an entry permit, those who are already in the HKSAR and wish to apply for a Hong Kong identity card, as well as those who wish to extend their right of stay.

Required documents

The list below briefly outlines the documents needed when making an application for the dependant visa in Hong Kong:

  1. forms: both the dependent (applicant) and the sponsor fill in special forms that outline their situation;
  2. application: the dependent fills in an application for entry for residence as dependant in Hong Kong;
  3. identity documents: a copy of the applicant’s travel document (passport) as well as a recent photograph;
  4. proof of relationship: a copy of the document that attests the relationship with the sponsor; this can be a marriage certificate, a birth certificate, or census record; informal documents can also be included, such as family photographs or letters.

Our team can give you more details about the documents that need to be filled in and submitted by the applicant for the purpose of obtaining the dependent visa for Hong Kong.

Apart from having to fill in the form intended for his status, the sponsor will also be asked to provide copies of his Hong Kong identity card or travel document, as well as proof of financial means and accommodation (these can include the bank statement, salary slips and tax receipts as well as the rental receipts or the rental agreement).

Applicants should also take the following into account:

  • the usual processing time is around 6 weeks;
  • $230 is the fee for an ordinary visa;
  • $260 for any request or recommendation to an authority of a foreign state.

Post-application steps for the HK dependent visa

Once the application is approved by the Immigration department, the applicant collects the visa/entry permit label.

An individual who holds a dependent visa for Hong Kong can take up employment in some cases, for example if he or she is the dependent of a Hong Kong permanent resident or of an individual who is not subject to a limit of stay or of a foreign national who is in Hong Kong for employment purposes.

The dependent visa does not apply in case of Chinese residents of Mainland China (with certain exceptions), former Mainland Chinese residents who reside in Macao and have a identity card issued for less than seven years or to nationals of Afghanistan and Korea.

Contact our lawyers in Hong Kong for more information about how your spouse or family members can join you if you wisht to move to Hong Kong.