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Set Up an e-Commerce Company in Hong Kong

Set Up an e-Commerce Company in Hong Kong

E-commerce is a growing business field and one that allows investors to connect with customers from all around the world. In this context of easy reach, it may seem unimportant where the company is based but the actual location of the company running the e-commerce business can have significant advantages in terms of taxation. Hong Kong is one of the preferred jurisdictions to set up a company in Asia because of its low tax rates and business-friendly regime.

There are several advantages for investors who set up an e-commerce company in Hong Kong, most notably the lower start-up and maintenance costs. One of our lawyers in Hong Kong can give you particular information about these types of businesses and can assist you throughout the incorporation phase.

We invite you to watch a video about opening an e-commerce business in Hong Kong:

E-commerce businesses in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, revenue from online businesses is growing faster and this is a primary indicator of the importance and the fast evolution of e-commerce. While some companies in Hong Kong adopt an online and offline business model, some entrepreneurs switch to online store altogether and others never establish a physical store and prefer to conduct their business entirely online.

Customer preference and device usage indicate a higher percentage of mobile users, meaning that e-commerce companies and online shops in Hong Kong are left with the challenge of using mobile apps and optimizing the user experience on these platforms.

Online entrepreneurs who open their e-commerce company in Hong Kong have a set of advantages, mainly in terms of company taxation and location. Our team of attorneys in Hong Kong can give you specific details about the retail industry and the laws governing investments.

Incorporating an e-commerce company in Hong Kong

When starting an e-commerce company in Hong Kong, investors need to incorporate a local company. The private limited liability company is a popular choice among investors and the process of opening and managing a company in Hong Kong is straightforward.

Our team of lawyers in Hong Kong can give you a step by step guide to opening this type of company.

Contact our law firm in Hong Kong for more information about the requirements for company formation and how to start an e-commerce business in the city.