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The Land Registry in Hong Kong

The Land Registry in Hong Kong

Land registration in Hong Kong

The land registry in Hong Kong provides services related to and for the purpose of land transactions in the city. Its role is to facilitate the registration of documents related to land, offer search options and access to relevant documents from the land register and register owners’ corporations under the Building Management Ordinance.

Our law firm in Hong Kong offers compete assistance for immovable property and transactions in the city. Our consultants can give you information about the Land Registration Ordinance-the main legislative document governing land use and ownership in Hong Kong. 

Deeds registration in Hong Kong

Individuals who purchase property in Hong Kong will need to execute a deed and/or any other necessary documents. These documents must be registered with the Land Registry which maintains a computerized database for each property. Individuals interested in a certain property can obtain information about that property from the land register.

The deed registration process is a multi-step one and includes the preparation or documents, drawing up memorial forms for the submitted documents and a lodgement list for each batch of documents. Fees are also applicable and they should be paid when the documents are submitted to the lodgement counter staff. If the documentation is complete, the data will be introduced into the system.

Registration in the deeds registration system gives that document priority over other that have not been registered. Our lawyers in Hong Kong can help you submit all the relevant data to the land register.

Land registration system in Hong Kong

The Land Registry was originally on a deeds registration system. After the Land Titles Ordinance can into effect, that system was transformed into a titled registration one. According to this procedure, an individual who is registered in the title register as the owner, then that individual is recognized as the true owner.

According to the Land Registration Ordinance, the types of instruments that can be registered in the Land Registry include deeds, conveyances, judgments and other relevant instruments (in writing) which influence immovable property.

If you are planning on taking a mortgage or have questions about renting property in Hong Kong, the experts at our law firm in Hong Kong can offer you assistance.

For more information about laws in Hong Kong, including civil or family laws, you can contact our law firm in Hong Kong.