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Set Up a Software Company in Hong Kong

Set Up a Software Company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a global business hub with well-developed services and IT sector. Investors who wish to set up a software company in Hong Kong have access not only to a very well established local market but also to the surrounding Asian markets.

Opening a company in Hong Kong is a straightforward process and investors in the software industry can start doing business as soon as they register their new company. Our attorneys in Hong Kong can help you during the entire company formation phase, especially if you are a foreign investor and cannot be present in the country during the entire procedure.

We invite you to watch the following short video on how to open a software company in Hong Kong:

The software and IT sectors in Hong Kong

The software and software services sector in Hong Kong is usually regarded as part of the larger information technology services industry. Because Hong Kong is an international business center, software companies are working alongside multinational corporations in all areas of business and provide software solutions for their specific needs.

Hong Kong has a mature ICT market and an advanced telecommunications infrastructure. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is rapidly gaining popularity and it is the software model in which a license is delivered upon request, meaning that third-party providers make certain software services available to clients via the internet. 

An important advantage for those investors who start a software company in Hong Kong is that the city is located very close to Mainland China, which offers access to a large and growing market.

One of our attorneys in Hong Kong can answer any specific questions related to the laws for investment and the treatment of foreign entrepreneurs who open a Hong Kong company.

How to open a company in Hong Kong

Investors who want to open a software company in Hong Kong need to follow a few key steps:

– choose a type of company and an available company name;

– open a bank account and deposit the share capital;

– register the company with the Hong Kong Companies Registry;

– acquire suitable office premises, hire employees, etc.

One of our Hong Kong lawyers can give you specific details about any of these steps and the laws that you might need to observe, like the Employment Law, especially when hiring foreign employees.

You can contact our law firm in Hong Kong for complete legal services, including those related to assistance for company formation in the city.