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Resolve Property Disputes in Hong Kong

Resolve Property Disputes in Hong Kong

Property disputes in Hong Kong 

In order to resolve property disputes in Hong Kong a distinction is made between those that involve a real estate developer and the Government and those that concern landlord and tenant matters. Individuals need to observe the property laws in Hong Kong and also any agreements concluded with another party that might influence or determine the manner in which a property dispute is solved.

 Our law firm in Hong Kong can help you understand the applicable laws for foreign property owners in the city and can help you with legal representation in any property litigation cases.

Landlord and tenant disputes in Hong Kong

Tenancy matters in Hong Kong are mainly governed by the Landlord and Tenant Ordinance. Any disputes that may arise after a lease agreement was signed between the two parties can be brought in front of court. The Lands Tribunal is the one that receives tenancy disputes. If the dispute is a monetary one and the amount is less than 50,000 HK$ then the individual can submit his case at the Small Claims Tribunal.

Disputes between the Hong Kong Government and property developers are subject to a scheme for arbitration on land premium. This is a solution proposed by the Government that was implemented in 2014 in order to improve the manner in which land premium disputes are solved. Land premiums are payable by the property developer that wishes to obtain lease modifications or land exchanges from the Government.

Legal assistance for dispute resolution in Hong Kong

Legal issues that may arise between tenants and landlords can also be brought to the District Court or the Court of First Instance. Landlords have the right to recover outstanding debt in form of due rents and claim back their property. Likewise, tenants are protected by law against rent increase or other actions from the tenant that might disturb them during their lease period.

Our lawyers in Hong Kong can give you more information about the right to lease land in Hong Kong and start real estate projects in the city. Foreign investors have the same rights as local ones, provided that they observe the current regulations.

Contact our law firm in Hong Kong if you have questions or if you need legal assistance for solving property disputes.