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Register a Company with the Hong Kong Customs

Register a Company with the Hong Kong Customs

Trade companies that engage in activities like import and export must be registered with the Hong Kong Customs. The procedure is simple and must be performed before the company in Hong Kong commences its business activities.

law firm in Hong Kong can help you submit the necessary forms and documentation in order to obtain the special permits and licenses for import and export companies in Hong Kong.

We invite you to find out more about company registration with the Hong Kong customs from this video: 

Registration with the Customs and Excise Department in Hong Kong

A company that applies for registration with the Customs and Excise Department in Hong Kong needs to submit a registration form containing the basic data about the company (name, business registration license, the scope of activity and traded goods). After the application is processed and approved, the Customs Department will send the applicant a registration number.

Trade companies in Hong Kong need to observe a series of rules and regulations imposed by the Government regarding the clearance procedure for passengers, cargo, and some traded goods. One of our lawyers in Hong Kong can give you complete information about specific laws concerning the customs procedures

Special customs clearances in Hong Kong

The most commonly requested documents for customs clearance in Hong Kong are:

– import and/or export permits;

– manifests;

– supporting documents in the form of bills, invoices, packing lists or others.

The Customs and Excise Department in Hong Kong has the right to perform trade verifications and it is the only agency capable of enforcing such rights on the territory of the Special Administrative Region. For this purpose, the agents and officers from the Customs Department may perform physical examinations for the imported/exported goods, may check to see if the licenses are in order and if the trade companies are registered with the Hong Kong Customs.

The import and export of controlled goods is governed by a special set of laws. Drugs and certain substances, chemicals, weapons, animals and plants, certain foodstuffs or telecommunication equipment, as well as other items, fall under the category of controlled goods. Our lawyers in Hong Kong can give you a complete list of the licenses and permits needed to trade with these types of commodities.

For more help on registering a company with the Hong Kong Customs as well as other legal services in the city please contact our law firm in Hong Kong.