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Work Permit in Hong Kong

Work Permit in Hong Kong

Working in Hong Kong

An application is necessary in order to obtain a work permit in Hong Kong and the individual needs to meet certain eligibility criteria. Hong Kong is a popular destination for foreign investors and individuals who want to work here. The large number of expatriates working in Hong Kong enjoy the benefits the city has to offer in terms of lifestyle and favorable taxation.

If you want to work in Hong Kong our law firm in Hong Kong can provide you with complete assistance and guidance during your transition and accommodation period as an employee in Hong Kong.

Eligibility criteria for work permits in Hong Kong

Individuals wishing to stay and work in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region are subject to the General Employment Policy (GEP) in the city. This policy does not apply for Chinese Mainland residents or nationals of countries like Afghanistan, Cambodia, Cuba, Laos, Korea, Nepal and Vietnam.

The conditions to obtain an entry permit for employment in Hong Kong under the GEP are:

– the applicant has no crime record and no security objection;

– the applicant has relevant degrees or good technical qualifications for the open position;

– there is a genuine job vacancy that the individual can apply for;

– the applicant has a confirmed offer of employment;

– the remuneration package is adequate.

Unless the individual has right of abode he or she will need to obtain a visa/entry permit in order to be able to work in Hong Kong. The applicant needs to possess a valid travel document. Because the eligibility criteria can be subject to change without a necessary prior notice, it is best to request the services of a professional recruitment company in Hong Kong. Our lawyers in Hong Kong can also help you with information regarding the eligibility criteria for working in Hong Kong.

Work permit applications in Hong Kong

The usual processing time for an employment visa application is around four weeks after all the needed document have been submitted. All applications are processed by the Immigration Department. Individuals should know that applications can be rejected even if the applicant seems to meet all of the eligibility criteria.

Temporary residents who have been working in Hong Kong or who plan on doing so for short-term or long-term purposes, can evaluate their options for permanent residency in Hong Kong with our help. We assist those who wish to gather the documentation and the proof of lawful stay required by the Immigration Department. Contact us for more information.

Individuals who want to work in the city can contact our law firm in Hong Kong for information about their rights as employees. Company owners can also seek our professional help for information regarding the employment law in Hong Kong.