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Open a Recruitment Company in Hong Kong

Open a Recruitment Company in Hong Kong

Recruitment companies in Hong Kong offer services to Hong Kong companies that are looking to employ workers. The city is a business hub in Asia and many international companies that have set up their offices here are in need to recruitment services. 

Investors who open a recruitment company in Hong Kong need to apply for a business license and observe the local laws for management, taxation, and control.

Recruitment companies in Hong Kong

The Asian job market has a fast growth rate, with various international companies choosing cities like Hong Kong to set up their regional offices. Recruitment companies provide needed services to those employers who are looking to find ideal candidates for their open positions.

Hong Kong has a well-developed recruitment market, with both small and large companies. The success of the business can be based on a good business plan, a rigorous market analysis and the expertise of the employees. Smaller recruitment companies in Hong Kong can be successful, especially if they provide targeted services to local and foreign companies alike. 

Most companies in Hong Kong that provide placement services are required to operate based on a license issued by the Hong Kong Labour Department. One of our lawyers in Hong Kong can help you with detail about this step and how to apply for the business license.

The experts at our law firm in Hong Kong can give you detailed information on the laws for companies and those for foreign investors, should you choose to open this type of company.

Once you incorporate the company, our lawyers can help you with trademark registration in Hong Kong.

How to set up a company in Hong Kong

recruitment company in Hong Kong is often set-up as a private limited liability company. This type of legal entity needs to have a unique name and a corporate bank account. Once the company documents are in order, entrepreneurs need to register the company with the Hong Kong Companies Registry

Staffing agencies in Hong Kong are subject to the local corporate income tax and other taxes for companies. Annual accounting and reporting requirements apply.

You can contact our law firm in Hong Kong for more information on how to open a recruitment agency