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Commercial Law in Hong Kong

Commercial Law in Hong Kong

Commercial company laws in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Commercial Law covers a wide range of issues related to doing business, such as the rights and relations of business people and businesses involved in commerce, trade, sale and merchandise. It deals with aspects of private law and public law.

The laws and regulations covering areas like company registration or business registration, and issues concerning the sale of goods are some of the most important legislative matters contained in the Commercial laws in Hong Kong. Business owners who need help understanding the legislative requirements for companies can request the services of our lawyers in Hong Kong.

Laws for commercial activities in Hong Kong

The Sale of Goods Ordinance in Hong Kong is one of the legal documents governing sale and trade activities in the special administrative region. It refers to the sale agreements concluded between a seller and a buyer, the capacity to buy and sell goods, the effects of a purchase agreement and issues regarding the performance of such an agreement. The rights of an unpaid seller are also described along with the legal actions that can arise as a consequence of a contractual breach. 

The Bill of Sale regulations and the Bills of Sale Ordinance are two other legal documents that regulate commercial activities in Hong Kong. Our attorneys in Hong Kong can give you detailed information about the legal provisions for commercial activities.

Laws for trade activities in Hong Kong

Hong Kong companies that perform import and export activities have to observe specific regulations for these types of activities. The Hong Kong Import and Export Regulations and the Import and Export Ordinance are two such regulatory documents. Business owners who want to perform trade activities in Hong Kong are required by law to obtain the necessary export licenses, according to the types of exported goods, and to observe the obligations and requirements for transporting and commercializing goods to and from Hong Kong.

Our Hong Kong law firm offers numerous legal services for companies and individuals. If you want to know more about any issues regarding areas of commercial law, please contact our lawyers in Hong Kong

We also assist investors in a number of other matters, such as trademark registration in Hong Kong.