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Digital Nomad Visa in Hong Kong

Digital Nomad Visa in Hong Kong

digital nomad visa in Hong Kong is not available in this exact form, as it would be in other jurisdictions around the world.

Entrepreneurs who have the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, as well as those who have a particularly valuable set of skills, can apply for a visa that allows them to reside in the HKSAR.

If you were looking for data on the digital nomad visa in Hong Kong, our team of lawyers has information about your alternatives if you are an entrepreneur or skilled foreign national.

The immigration experts at our law firm in Hong Kong are able to answer any questions you might have about the types of visas presented herein.

Is there a digital nomad visa in Hong Kong?

A digital nomad is a professional who is not conditioned to work from a fixed location.

While there is no exact digital nomad visa in Hong Kong, designed specifically for these professionals, entrepreneurs can legally live and work in the HKSAR with the right visa.

 Quick Facts  
 Special regime for a digital nomad visa in Hong Kong (Yes/No) No 

Hong Kong entry requirements 

Foreign nationals from more than 170 countries can enter Hong Kong visa-free. 

 Maximum stay in Hong Kong without a visa

 7 days to 180 days

Types of visas that can be used by digital nomads  The employment visa, the quality migrant visa, the visa for investment as entrepreneurs; each are subject to conditions. 
 Visa-specific requirements

Business plan and investment amount (for the entrepreneur visa), proof of employment (for the General Employment visa), proof of higher education and relevant skills (for the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme). 


 The Quality Migrant Admission scheme does not apply to foreign nationals from Afghanistan, Cuba, Nepal, Vietnam, or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Visa duration 

Depends on the type of visa. 

 General visa documents

 Valid travel document, recent photograph, proof of financial situation, relevant work experience and/or academic qualifications, as may be required.

 Minimum income requirement

In some cases (for example in the case of the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme). 

 Visa fees Yes 
Permanent residency possible (Yes/No) 


 Permanent residency conditions

7 years lawful residency in Hong Kong before application, proof of sufficient income, proof of having met their tax requirements, and others. 

 Visas for dependents

Applicants can bring their spouse or partner, however, the admission of a dependant is subject to eligibility criteria. 

Personal income taxation in Hong Kong 

Between 2% and 17% depending on the individual’s net chargeable income derived from Hong Kong. 

 Advantages for digital nomads in Hong Kong  Networking and business development opportunities, remote workspace options, good transportation options, and easy access to other popular Asian destinations.

The Investment as Entrepreneurs visa/entry permit and the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme are the two main options that can be used for this purpose.

If you need more details about the conditions and policies set forth by the Hong Kong Government, our lawyers in Hong Kong can help answer specific questions according to your nationality.

What are the conditions for the entrepreneur visa in Hong Kong?

The Investment visa is available to foreign nationals who enter Hong Kong with the purpose of starting or joining an existing business in the HKSAR.

It does not apply to Chinese residents of Mainland China, nor to citizens of Afghanistan, Cuba, Korea, Laos, Nepal and Vietnam.

The main conditions for the visa are listed below by our team of lawyers:

  • no security objections for the applicant;
  • the individual has a good and relevant educational background;
  • a thorough business plan is in place;
  • the applicant can show a relevant business turnover or relevant financial resources; moreover, information about the amount of capital investment is required;
  • the business should create new local jobs and can also introduce new technology or skills;
  • the visa can also be offered for a start-up business.

Company formation in Hong Kong is a simple and straightforward process and foreign investors have the same rights as local entrepreneurs.

If you wish to start a business in Hong Kong, you will need to choose a suitable business form (usually a sole trader or a private limited liability company).

Foreign nationals also have the option of incorporating a partnership, when they agree on splitting the business profits with at least one other partner.

If you wish to use the Investment as Entrepreneur visa as an equivalent for a digital nomad visa in Hong Kong, our team can help you apply.

We can also help you if you wish to immigrate to Hong Kong.

What are the conditions for the Hong Kong quality migrant admission scheme?

The main features of the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) are the following:

  • the applicant is not required to obtain a job before he or she can settle in the HKSAR;
  • it is a points-based system, meaning that the applicant needs to first meet a set of prerequisites and then obtain a minimum passing mark;
  • the applicant must be over 18 years of age and of good character;
  • financial requirements apply; individuals need to show proof of financial means and accommodation;
  • the applicant needs to be proficient in English or Chinese and must have a good educational background.

The annual admission quota for the QMAS has been doubled to 4,000 applicants.

Examples of the maximum points awarded for the general factors are listed below:

  1. Age: maximum of 30 points for those between 18 and 39 years of age;
  2. Qualifications: maximum of 40 points for doctoral degree or two or more master’s degrees;
  3. Work experience: 40 points for at least 10 years’ graduate/specialist experience, and at least 5 years in a senior position;
  4. Language proficiency: 20 points for proficiency both in English and Chinese (spoken and written).

Other factors are relevant for the general points test and our team can give you more details.

Living in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a modern and well-connected city, with a favorable business regime for foreign nationals as well as employment opportunities for many highly skilled individuals.

Entrepreneurs or self-employed individuals who work independently and can adopt a digital nomad lifestyle can find that the Special Administrative Region is an attractive destination to base their temporary (or permanent) office.

We highlight some of the most important advantages for digital nomads in Hong Kong:

  • Good internet speed: Hong Kong offers good internet speed, with an average fixed broadband connection download speed of 158.19 megabits per second in November 2021;
  • Co-working spaces: you can find many central locations that offer furnished offices for rent and co-working spaces; working via a temporary office is a preferred option for many digital nomads;
  • An international community: you will find not only a digital nomad community, but many other foreign nationals working or doing business in Hong Kong; this can mean that digital nomads have numerous opportunities for business networking;
  • The vibrant lifestyle: Hong Kong is a multi-cultural, animated city; it is also largely safe, with a very low level of violent crime.

If you would like to apply for a visa that can be seen as an equivalent of the digital nomad visa in Hong Kong, our team of immigration lawyers can help you.

we can also answer any questions concerning taxation, as this is an issue one will need to take into account if he or she will also derive income from Hong Kong.

Hong Kong immigration

The right of abode is the equivalent of permanent residence in Hong Kong, and it can be the goal for a digital nomad who is looking forward to making Hong Kong his or her primary location.

Foreign nationals who have been lawfully residing in Hong Kong for at least 7 years and have taken up their permanent residence in the HKSAR, can apply for the right of abode.

Digital nomads who wish to relocate to Hong Kong can apply for a permanent residence permit that allows them to lawfully remain in the Special Administrative Region while deriving income from their location-independent work.

It is useful to note that an application for permanent residency/right of abode is subject to the decision of the Director of Immigration. The following are taken into account:

  • Whether the applicant has taken Hong Kong as the place of permanent residence;
  • The quality of the information proving that Hong Kong is the place of permanent residence;
  • If the main family members are also in Hong Kong (spouse, children);
  • If the applicant has sufficient financial means to support himself and any family members;
  • Whether the applicant has observed the applicable tax payments during his/her stay in the HKSAR.

The right of abode allows the individual to which it is granted to enter HKSAR freely, not be limited to a certain duration of stay, and not be deported or removed from the HKSAR.

It is not the same as obtaining citizenship by naturalization. Foreign nationals can apply for Chinese citizenship, should they wish to do so, which is subject to different requirements.

Applying for the equivalent of the digital nomad visa in Hong Kong can be a more suitable option for entrepreneurs as well as qualified individuals.

Contact our law firm in Hong Kong for more information about how to apply for a visa that allows you to reside and work in Hong Kong.