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Open an IT Company in Hong Kong

Open an IT Company in Hong Kong

The IT sector in Hong Kong is a competitive and innovative one. Entrepreneurs who want to open an IT company in Hong Kong have access to a welcoming business climate, talented employees, and excellent infrastructure.

The IT sector is an integral part of the larger Information and Communication Technology Sector. Investors who want to know more about the conditions for investment can reach out to one of our lawyers in Hong Kong.

The IT sector in Hong Kong

The Information and Communication Technology Sector (ICT) is very well developed and represented in Hong Kong. The city has many private companies that serve as mobile and fixed network operators, and the broadband infrastructure and Wi-Fi accessibility are very well developed. The Software and Information Technology sub-sector is an important part of the ICT sector and is a large employer in Hong Kong. IT companies in Hong Kong are mostly small and medium sized ones, including those that focus on software development, digital marketing or the emerging fintech services.

Hong Kong has an open market, with no foreign investment restrictions. This, along with its position in Asia, makes it one of the top ICT centers in the world. The taxation regime for these types of companies is a favorable one, as Hong Kong does not impose import duties on ICT goods and services.

Many international companies have chosen to base their Asian headquarters in Hong Kong. Foreign corporations operating in ICT can open a branch or a subsidiary in Hong Kong. One of our attorneys can give you more details on the differences between the two options. 

Our lawyers in Hong Kong can answer any questions regarding the legislation for foreign investments.

How to open an IT company in Hong Kong

Opening a Hong Kong company is fast and simple. Although there are some fees for business registration, there is no mandatory minimum share capital. The most commonly used business form is the limited liability company, which needs to have a registered office in Hong Kong, a unique, registered company name, and a bank account.

Upon registration with the Companies Registry, the founders receive the Business Registration Certificate and they can start their business activities as well as hire employees in Hong Kong.

IT company owners can consider trademark registration in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has a low taxation regime and many investors regard it as a gateway to China. If you would like to know more about the conditions for investment, please contact our law firm in Hong Kong. We can assist you in all legal matters and also recommend you our international partners if you need to open a company abroad.