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IT Law in Hong Kong

IT Law in Hong Kong

Information technology protection in Hong Kong

The IT law in Hong Kong consists of those practices, rules and regulations that influence the manner in which information and communication technology is transmitted and used in the city. The intellectual property law is a main source for the legal provisions governing the use or sale of software and hardware technology.

Business owners in Hong Kong who operate in the information technology field should know how to protect their creations against infringement and the extent to which they can handle issues involving computer crime.

Our lawyers in Hong Kong can help you deal with IT law issues, know your intellectual property rights and draft IT related agreements.

Software protection in Hong Kong

Software companies in Hong Kong benefit from a high degree of protection for their creations. According to the Computer Software Amendment Act, software programs are protected against unauthorised use and duplication.

Companies in Hong Kong or individuals that use, sell or distribute pirated or unauthorised software are liable under the civil and/or the criminal law. Fines are also applicable to those who manufacture or possess equipment that illegally reproduces software. 

The protection of software in Hong Kong is enforced according to the provisions of the Copyright Law and the city’s Customs are also engaged in stopping the distribution or sale of illegal software or hardware

Intellectual property in Hong Kong

The intellectual property law and the copyright law are used to protect software and hardware inventions and creations in Hong Kong. According to law, software programmes enjoy the same degree of protection as manuals and related books and fall into the category of literary works, under the Copyright Ordinance.

Our lawyers in Hong Kong can help you with more information about competition rules for the IT sector, piracy and privacy and computer crime. You can contact our experts if you have a business in Hong Kong and need to draft and conclude agreements that contain matters related to IT protection, including confidentiality agreements.

Contact our law firm for more information about the IT legislation in Hong Kong and relevant ordinances for doing business in the country.