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Open a Catering Business in Hong Kong

Open a Catering Business in Hong Kong

Investors who open a catering business in Hong Kong and come up with an attractive menu and pricing can have access to a wide range of clients, from companies to individuals.

Starting a food business in Hong Kong will need planning, resources for the needed kitchen equipment and lastly qualified personnel, including professional chefs. Moreover, in order to open a company in Hong Kong, investors will need to follow a few key steps, as described by our Hong Kong lawyers.

Steps for opening a Hong Kong catering company

Catering businesses in Hong Kong offer their services to corporate and individual clients alike. From weddings to corporate events, to receptions and private functions, catering companies will come up with a menu suited for the event and the tastes and preferences of the clients.

Entrepreneurs who start a food and beverage business in Hong Kong need to obtain a food license. The special license category will depend on the actual activities undertaken by the company. For example, restaurants in Hong Kong will apply for a general restaurant license while food manufacturing companies need to apply for a food factory license. This category also includes catering businesses as well as takeaway food shops.

One of our lawyers in Hong Kong can help you apply for the proper license, according to the suitable category. In general, because the catering business does not offer in-house dining options, this license is easier to apply for than that for the restaurant.

Steps for company formation in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong company formation process is a simple one, even for foreigners who are interested in starting a 100% foreign-owned company. Nevertheless, there are a few conditions for company formation that need to be fulfilled. For example, companies need to have a unique name, a registered office in Hong Kong and a bank account.

Hong Kong has favorable policies for business taxation and the fact that it is a low-tax jurisdiction makes it attractive for many investors. One of our attorneys in Hong Kong can give you more information on the relevant laws for investors.

Contact our law firm in Hong Kong if you want to open a company and are in need of professional assistance and advice.