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Tax Litigation in Hong Kong

Tax Litigation in Hong Kong

Resolving tax litigation with the tax authority in Hong Kong can sometimes be a rather complex process, but you can ask for assistance from a Hong Kong lawyer who has expertise in these matters.

Various aspects of tax disputes in Hong Kong

A tax litigation attorney in Hong Kong will dedicate to finding the best solution to the provincial, international or federal tax dispute.

When dealing with tax litigation in Hong Kong, there are some requirements that should generally be met, such as:

  • – having a comprehensive understanding of the tax dispute resolution process;
  • – analyzing the subtlety of tax procedures and understanding it;
  • – having a broad experience and extensive knowledge when dealing with state tax authorities;
  • – taxpayers should make proper disclosures when filing their taxes and keep up-to-date record on how prices between the two parties are determined (this should be done after a request from the IRD).

Our law firm in Hong Kong can advise you in tax matters and guide you through all the procedures that have to be completed in a tax litigation case.

Common cases of tax litigation in Hong Kong

Generally, clients are assisted in resolving tax litigation cases, such as:

  • ● complex tax controversies for estates, individuals, corporations, partnerships and government entities;
  • ● international tax cases that involve foreign tax credits;
  • ● litigation involving local tax issues;
  • ● commercial disputes on the terms of tax sharing contracts.

In case a taxpayer is aggrieved after a tax assessment, he/she should file an objection within four weeks of the date the evaluation is issued. This has to be done in order to keep their litigation options open.

Prior to the actual litigation process, a negotiation stage should take place between the taxpayer and the tax assessor. During this phase, the taxpayer should put forward a legal argument that helps the tax position taken on a particular matter and also understand the tax assessor’s view of the situation as well.

Do not hesitate to contact our Hong Kong attorneys who can assist you and advise you in any tax litigation case and in other legal issues in Hong Kong.