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Immigrate to Hong Kong from Canada

Immigrate to Hong Kong from Canada

If you want to immigrate to Hong Kong from Canada, you will not need a visa to enter the country, but you will need a residence permit that covers your relocation purpose.

Our immigration lawyers in Hong Kong can assist you with the permit application process and can guide you when preparing the mandatory documents for your submission. The exact information you will need to provide depends on your reason for remaining in Hong Kong, and each application is analyzed by the local authorities.

This article briefly lists the entry requirements for first-time residence permit applicants from Canada who come to Hong Kong for reasons such as work or business. If a different situation applies in your case, or if you need in-depth information, be sure to reach out to the experts at our law firm in Hong Kong.

Relocate to Hong Kong from Canada for work or business purposes

Some of the residence permits available to those who wish to move to the HKSAR from Canada for employment or business purposes are the following:

General employment: this can be a suitable route for many of those who immigrate to Hong Kong from Canada; it means that the applicant has obtained a job with a HK employer for which he/she has the needed qualifications, and for which there is a genuine job vacancy;

Technology Talent Admission Scheme: for Canadians who will work as full-time employees and will be mainly engaged in R&D activities in certain areas; he/she must have a degree in science, technology, mathematics, or engineering from a recognized university;

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme: those who move to Hong Kong from Canada under this scheme will need to meet the quota and the points-based system; our lawyers can give you details;

Investment as Entrepreneur: for Canadians with a good educational background who wish to open a company in Hong Kong or join an existing business; conditions apply for the business.

Our lawyers in Hong Kong can detail the application requirements when you apply for an employment residence permit or for one suited for your business interests.

Move to Hong Kong from Canada for other purposes

You can also relocate to the HKSAR from Canada for purposes other than those related to employment or investment. Our immigration lawyers present some of the possibilities below:

  • Study: for Canadians who are admitted to a recognized educational institution in Hong Kong;
  • Training: issued for skills and knowledge training purposes for a limited period of 12 months;
  • Working Holiday: Canada is one of the countries that take place in the Working Holiday Scheme with an annual quota of 200 applicants; our lawyers can give you details;
  • Family Reunification: you can relocate to Hong Kong from Canada if your spouse or another family member already has residency in Hong Kong;

The Immigration Department enforces several fees, payable according to the type of visa. Our team briefly lists some of these fees below:

  • a $230 fee applies for the ordinary visa;
  • those who need a transit visa will pay $120;
  • a fee of $230 also applies when a visa holder wishes to change the visa type/the conditions of stay or extend an existing visa;
  • other fees can apply, such as for an endorsement of a travel document (in the case of eligibility for the HK permanent identity card).

Please keep in mind that these fees can be subject to change. Each application is reviewed, and individuals are assessed according to their stated purpose when they immigrate to Hong Kong from Canada. We advise applicants to seek our assistance for complete information about the documents they need to present, and the fees that can apply in their case.

Contact the immigration experts at our Hong Kong law firm for more information about our services and how we can assist you with your application.